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Pull-On Protective Underwear SuperMax

For a perfect fit. Compared to the Reg Plus pull up this product has double the absorbency.


Pull-On Protective Underwear Reg Plus

Disposable protective underwear is for a perfect fit. Standing double leg guard for added protection.


Overnight Briefs “SuperMax Protection”

Premium adjustable briefs with refastenable velcro tabs offer maximum comfort, absorbency and leak control.


Briefs Regular Plus (Tab-Style)

Quality adult and youth diapers with refastenable velcro tabs.


Booster Pads

Booster pads/ Pads are designed to boosts capacity of any brief or undergarment for nightime use or extended protection.


Ultra thin Booster Pad

Quality diaper doublers prevent leaks in the leg opening region, while extending the life of your pull-ons & fitted briefs.


Belted Undergardments

More open on sides than Pull-Ons; for moderate to heavy needs. Easier to change without removing clothing.


Beltless undergardment

For heavy incontinence ideal for night time use, with a super absorbent core that keeps the fluid away from the body.


Reusable Bed Pads

Provide reliable multi-layer protection and superior comfort while being cost-effective. Poliyester rayon soakers, Highly durable, easy to lauder.


Disposable Bed Pads

Premium underpads protect furniture, linens and/or wheelchairs from leakage. Available in a variety of sizes and designs.


Extra Care Products

A family of products designed to improve the quality of life of those living with incontinence.


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