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Frequently asked Questions

What's the difference between a booster pad and a liner?

A booster pad is a NON waterproof flow through insert, made to be added to a disposable undergarment to increase the absorbency without blocking the flow of liquid into the undergarment. It’s a “boost” of absorbency. A liner is a waterproof backed large pad worn in regular underwear, for those who do not have a need for a disposable undergarment but still need protection from moderate to heavy incontinence.

I need to wear protection all the time and prefer a pull on. I haven’t found a pull on that protects me from leaking through the legs. I don’t want to switch to a tab style fitted brief. What are my options?

If you’re not already using a booster pad, consider adding one to your pull on to help boost absorbency and potentially minimize or even eliminate leaks.