Adjustable Briefs - Super Max - Medium (M)

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Adjustable briefs - Super Max - Large (L)
Adjustable briefs - Super Max - Large (L)


Adjustable briefs - Super Max - X-Large (XL)
Adjustable briefs - Super Max - X-Large (XL)

Our Super Max Adjustable Briefs can be applied and reapplied thanks to our refastenable tabs. The breathable outer cover, soft materials and high absorbency make this brief our most in-demand products.

Size: Medium

We know for a fact this is a good product. But take a look at its key features:

 LeakSecure barriers provide the most reliable leak protection.

 OdorSecure technology prevents odors before they have a chance to form.

 Swift & Soft layer prevents leaks and improves skin dryness by efficiently funneling liquid into the absorbent core.

 MoistureLock dual core increases the core’s ability to absorb and lock fluid away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. The top core also adds powerful absorbency in the target zone where you need it most.

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